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Wordpress Specialists. Private, Secure, Rock-Steady Servers.

When you entrust CAT in a Box Managed Cloud Hosting with your business websites and emails, you aren't considerd just a customer - you're our client, and as such, are pervue to old school client privileges and respect.

We value partnerships and are driven by developing deep working relationships.

We uphold saftey, stability and security foremost.

Managed Website Hosting

Get back to your business faster!

Specialising in Supporting Local Tassie Business

We are all about locals supporting locals, helping Tassie's tourism and business community thrive.

Peace of Mind

Who has time to fuss around on hosting problems and fix it? We'll do all the busy work for you with our Managed Hosting Solutions so you can get back to focusing on your customers and running your business.


Where it Counts

Want enterprise grade hosting solutions, consistent high performance and all of it expertly setup, secure and running smooth for you?

We carefully assess and design a hosting solution to suite your businesses needs. Everything from hosting setup and proper server, php and WordPress configurations to system administration tasks, security, patches, core updates and more…

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Furr Features

Built for local Tassie businesses

We’ve built CAT in a Box to cater specifically for the needs of Tasmanian businesses that require rock-steady and expert managed hosting. These are just some of our awesome hosting benefits.


20 GB Mailboxes


As many emails as you need* are included with your concierge hosting.

We'll also make sure your email configuration is the safest and secure it can be.


DDoS & Uptime

Security First

Using top tiered AU data centres with power failover & redundancy, along with enterprise servers, DDoS protection, Cloudflare integration & hardened systems, you're in safe hands and comes with  99.99+% up-time.


Wildcard SSLs

Secured Client to Server Data

SSLs are one of the most important parts of a website.


.AU Domain

Domain Management

We'll setup DNSSEC* along with advanced DNS settings and security measures for your website's domains to make it safe and secure for you and your website's visitors.

Included are .com.au & the new .au domains of your brand each year*.



The power of LiteSpeed

With LiteSpeed comes the LSCache Plugin. Used in several CMS's like WordPress & Magento, it isn't 'just another caching plugin'! It directly integrates with the server system software to deliver speedier page loads and much, much more!


Global CDN


Alongside Cloudflare's node caching & CDN, being on an a LiteSpeed web server has many advantages, one of our favourites being a speedy Content Delivery Network. Discover how Quci.CDN can serve your content quicker to a global audience.



Bandwidth & Storage

Your bandwidth for your site's operation, along with the files you need to run your website come included. Our storage uses redundancy and runs on fast enterprise solid state solutions.



Toot Toot!

No need to fret about your website's hosting anymore, nor what is involved in transferring everything over to us, we'll take care of it all.

key technology the cat plays with

along with many others..

Domain Name Registration + Transfer



Quick simple tips for branding your domain

  • Avoid hyphens when possible
  • Have it simple to spell
  • Secure your brand with Multiple TLDs
    and get us to redirect your brand TLDs to your main address
  • Make it memorable
  • use a .au for recognisable location trust
  • Stand out with TLDs like:
    .cafe .resturant .wine .beer

Reach out to us if you need guidance on branding and domain name registration

2 Free Domains Each Year

As a local Tassie managed cloud web hosting client, we'll have the two most important domains covered for you each year - the .au and the .com.au.*

Advanced DNS Configuration

If you are confudled by the following terms: MX DMARC TXT DNS DNSSEC FQDN (plus the other ~84), don't worry, we've got the know how to secure your brand name online.
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Managed BusinessWebsite HostingFEATURES

Managed Business Website HostingFEATURES

  • Fair Use Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • Unlimited Website File Storage*
  • 10GB Cloud Email Addresses
  • .COM.AU & .AU Domains Included*
  • Amazing Uptime Guarantee 99.99+%
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • WordPress Security Upgrades
  • WordPress Minor & Core Updates
  • Latest Versions of PHP 7 & 8
  • Cloudflare Configuration & Monitoring
  • Quic.CDN Integration to WP sites
  • DNSEC Domain Security
  • Advanced DNS Configuration & Setup
  • LiteSpeed Webserver
  • LiteSpeed Server Level Caching
  • Redis & Opcode Cache
  • Daily Backups
  • Managed WordPress Environment
  • WordPress Plugin Updates & Resolvements
  • Hosted on Uncrowded Private VPSs
  • Free SSL Encryption
  • Storage, Hardware & Power Redundancy
  • WAF - Web Application Firewall
  • Anti-DDoS Protection

*Please note that some features will not be available in certain types of configurations. Server configurations are based on optimising performance and security for your specific site traffic.
Au domains included when you sign up for a year or more -
Free Domain Transfer - Monthly Billing Available.

Other Services We Provide

SEO Overhaul

This one off add on service is to thoroughly go through your WordPress website to enhance SEO – search engine optimisation for your business, so your virtual first foot forward is found when one seeks your products or services.

WordPress Speed Overhaul

This one comes included when you sign up with us!

We configure the LiteSpeed Cache server-site configuration for absolute optimal performance. We’ve got other tricks up our sleeve too that will not only keep your website visitors happy, but also help your overall seo score with Google.

Facelift – Front & Back

Feeling outdated, your WordPress theme stopped updating, want an upgrade?

Our sister company Poke the Pixel redesigns the frontend to be more inline with the je-ne-sais-quoi of your brand and will completely overhaul the backend to not only future proof your site’s foundation, but allow for more possible integrations and automated solutions for how your brand operates.

Looking for Social media content for your website and social media channels?

Our sister company, Poke the Pixel can do casual, seasonal, regular posts and one-offs along with targeted social media ad campaigns – from filming, animation, content writing and deployment.

Some of our clients that entrust the cat for reliable buisness hosting, domains and email

Wholistic Massage by Nancy - Middleton, Channel - Hobart
Wholistic Massage by Nancy - Middleton, Channel - Hobart
HS Fresh Food Tasmania
SunFresh Salads
Digital Versatile Developments - Broadcast & Studio Post Engineer
Earthlink Earthworms - Composting Worms Delivered by post!
Sheshnaag Yoga Centre Hobart
Clients choose our Tassie hosting solutions because they get the peace of mind that their e-commerce and business websites are protected from evil things like hardware failure, cyber threats, and performance bottlenecks.
"Knowing that a simple message to 'TheClaw' (still cracks me up from my good ol days watching Inspector Gadget) can get what I need acomplished in this rabbit hole of hosting concepts and configurations - is invaluable to staying on top of our customers orders and demands."